Project Metainfo: the .devassistant File

Note: .devassistant file changed some of its contents and semantics in version 0.9.0.

Project created by DevAssistant usually get a .devassistant file, see .devassistant Commands for information on creating and manipulating it by assistants. This file contains information about a project, such as project type or paramaters used when this project was created. It can look like this:

devassistant_version: 0.9.0
  name: foo
  github: bkabrda
project_type: [python, django]
- rpm: [python-django]

When .devassistant is used

Generally, there are two use cases for .devassistant:

  • Tweak assistants read the .devassistant file to get project type (which is specified by project_type entry) and decide what to do with this type of project (by choosing a proper run section to execute and proper dependencies section, see Tweak Assistants).

  • When you use the custom preparer with URL to this project (da prepare custom -u <url>), DevAssistant will checkout the project, read the data from .devassistant and do few things:

    • It will install any dependendencies that it finds in .devassistant. These dependencies look like normal dependencies section in assistant, e.g.:

      - rpm: [python-spam]
    • It will also run a run section from .devassistant, if it is there. Again, this is a normal run section:

      - log_i: Hey, I'm running from .devassistant after checkout!

    Generally, when using custom assistant, you have to be extra careful, since someone could put rm -rf ~ or similar evil command in the run section. So use it only with projects whose upstream you trust.