Project Types

This is a list of official project types that projects should use in their .devassistant file and Creator assistants should state. If you choose one of the official project types, there is a good chance that Tweak and Preparer assistants written by others will work well with projects created by your Creator.

The project type is given as a list of strings - these describe the project from the most general type to the most specific. E.g:

project_type: [python, django]

If you don’t use project_type in your Creator assistant, it will be automatically generated: If your assistant is crt/footest/foobar.yaml, project type in .devassistant will be [footest, foobar]. This means that Tweak and Preparer assistants written by others may not work well with your project, but otherwise it does no harm.

Current List of Types

Current project types list follows. If you want anything added in here, open a bug for us at Note: the list is currently not very thorough and it is meant to grow as we get requested by assistant developers.

  • c
  • cpp
  • java
  • nodejs
    • express
  • perl
    • dancer
  • php
  • python
    • django
    • flask
    • gtk3
    • lib
  • ruby
    • rails